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Whether your land development plan envisions the development of an athletic field, an entirely new community, or the re-design of an aging urban sector, Dean E. Hawkins, ASLA will help you, your company or organization get the results that you desire. We pride ourselves on achieving a balance between people, socio-economic circumstances and the natural environment of the property on every project that we undertake.

Dean E. Hawkins, ASLA understands that the land development planning process needs to integrate a unique, creative and aggressive treatment of existing site conditions, client desires, environmental concerns and community expectations. Based on our history and experience, we have proven time and again to have successfully assisted our clients in the development of their lands so that they enjoy and use their property in a realistic, functional, economical and timely manner. We always look to get the most out of any property so that the client's site's end value is enhanced. This approach has enabled us to develop a large and varied client base over our more than thirty years of practice in the area.

Dean E. Hawkins, ASLA helps clients develop land in Richmond, VA, Chester VA, and many surrounding areas. If you need efficient, effective help planning a land development project in Richmond, VA or Chester VA please contact Dean E. Hawkins, ASLA at your earliest convenience. We assist clients with many phases of Land Development Planning work including:

Conceptualization and Masterplanning:

We listen to you to determine what you need and provide a masterplan for the site use.

Zoning and Land Use Permitting:

If needed, we conduct an analysis of the property to see how your desires mesh with what the current land use zoning is and make applications to local and other agencies to change the use designation as required. Prior to any public hearings by approving agencies, we communicate your intentions with adjacent neighbors to determine if any opposition exists and we address their concerns before they become problematic.

Site Analysis:

Given a client's certain property for development consideration, we conduct a thorough review of its physical characteristics to see if it is feasible to develop the intended use and later to proceed with detailed design. This analysis may include a review of topographic features, soils, wetlands, setbacks, buffers, state and federal regulations and other local planning requirements.

Site Plans for Construction:

Once the project is deemed worthy of development, detailed plans for construction are prepared. This work involves consideration of the inherent basic site information, to which are added designs and details for grading, drainage, stormwater management, erosion control, building location, utilities, parking and vehicular access, landscaping, lighting and signage, among others.

Applications and Permitting:

After the site plans have been approved we make application, with the client's assistance as needed and on their behalf, for all permits required by all local, state and federal agencies so that the approved plans may be legally constructed. While other firms may not be this involved, we know that the client is unaware of this process and we leave nothing to fall through the cracks. We ensure an orderly and seamless approach to getting your project underway.

Project Management and Inspection:

If requested, we will provide construction project overview and inspection. Often times the presence of a third party representative provides an assurance that the project is being correctly executed, just as we and you intended.

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We also provide land development planning services to Chesterfield County, Henrico County and the Tri-Cities